An Open Letter To Ignorant Walking Dead Viewers

Since the season finale of the Walking Dead, I have come across the most inept fans and reviewers who don’t seem to get anything and are incapable of googling to learn idly squat from the comics to understand what is coming.

First of all, for those confused about Carol’s direction. Since the death of Sam and family she has taken a step back from her bad ass survival side and taken stock of what she has done and what has happened. She counts the number of people she has killed, by her hand and by her actions. Sam was just the death that broke Carol from her steely exterior that she built up after the death of her daughter Sophia.  We saw her break a little when she knew she had to kill Lizzie after she killed her sister.

The latter half of this season for her has been a change of heart and realizing that the world she was living in cannot exist without accepting Morgans philosophy. The two would have to find a middle ground.  Which is something that we see in the final.  Carol has accepted the savior killing her as her punishment, the only way she feels she can atone for all of the lives she has taken.  When the savior asks if she has suffered enough she responds “Probably not.”  Then continues to yell at the savior to come back and finish her off as he is disheartened with her acceptance of her death.  Morgan though makes it in the nick of time to save Carol from the final gunshot.

Also, the moment that happened next, for those who are clueless to who the men in armor were. That just so happens to be the biggest introduction and reveal from the comics, that has been completely ignored because of this whole brouhaha over the “Who Died” fiasco.

Those men are from the Kingdom, run by former zookeeper Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva.    A place like Alexandria and the Hilltop, and also are under the thumb of Negan and the Saviors.  The residents of the Kingdom serve as knights and serve Ezekiel at a transformed high school.

Furthermore if viewers knew this and dug deeper they could find out what, most likely, the next arc will be for season 7.  In the comics after Negan puts Rick and all of Alexandria under his reign of terror, Rick and his group discover the Kingdom.  They begin to work together and formulate a plan to go up against and take down Negan and the Saviors.  It will most likely lead to big event in the mid season, and then the latter half of season 7 will probably take the arc from the comic All Out War.

And thus I end my informative rant.  You’re welcome.